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About STEM Ambassadors

STEM Sussex, through Canterbury Christ Church University, coordinates the Sussex and Surrey region of the South East of England STEM Ambassador Hub to help inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM Ambassadors cross all ages and backgrounds, representing thousands of different employers across the UK. Our Ambassadors include apprentices, zoologists, set designers, climate change scientists, engineers, farmers, geologists, nuclear physicists, and architects. They help to open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. They not only inspire young people; they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research.

If you are an employer or an individual, follow the links below. Alternatively, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you inspire your young people or to find out more about motivating young people by becoming a STEM Ambassador. Contact Daniel Hawkins on 01273 644750 or email him via ambassadors@brighton.ac.uk.

I am an individual, I want to know more.

Information and guidance on the benefits of becoming a STEM Ambassador.


I am an employer, how can I get my company involved?

​Information and guidance for employers; why and how to get involved.


I'm from a school and want to know more.

More information for teachers on using Ambassadors in your school.