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Delves deeper into STEM, with opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience working on longer-term projects and placements.

As well as STEM learning, the activities will aid in the development of personal and employability skills. STEM Sussex can provide resources and link you with STEM Ambassadors to support a STEM Club or a specific project. During the activities, students can achieve awards and accreditation such as CREST Awards, Nuffield Placements and entries in local and national Big Bang fairs.

Activities STEM Sussex can support include:

  • CREST Awards, including CREST in a day, Bronze, Silver and Gold – we are the CREST regional coordinator
  • STEM Clubs – we can provide activity resources and link you with STEM Ambassadors to add an extra dimension to your STEM Club
  • Nuffield Research Placements – four week placements in industry and research organisations for Year 12 students
  • Competitions with industry sponsors – we coordinate a number of competitions every year, which are great opportunities to raise the profile of STEM in the school and community