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STEM Steps

The STEM Steps programme provides schools with bespoke activities and opportunities to support their students progress towards STEM further education and careers. The stepped process offers three stages: introduction and inspiration, where students and even their parents take on fun and engaging challenges; experiencing STEM and developing personal and employability skills through projects and competitions; and further development, where students get to experience higher education and explore career opportunities.


Encourages students to explore STEM through fun and interactive challenge events.

These can be a full day, an afternoon or an evening where families can also join in. The activity can be hosted in a school, at a host company’s premises or at our home in the University of Brighton. STEM Ambassadors, who either work or study in STEM, can support events, as well as providing careers talks and sharing of their personal experience in STEM.



Delves deeper into STEM, with opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience working on longer-term projects and placements.

As well as STEM learning, the activities will aid in the development of personal and employability skills. STEM Sussex can provide resources and link you with STEM Ambassadors to support a STEM Club or a specific project. During the activities, students can achieve awards and accreditation such as CREST Awards, Nuffield Placements and entries in local and national Big Bang fairs.



The launch pad for students’ futures in STEM.

As part of the University of Brighton, STEM Sussex can show students first-hand what it is like to study STEM at university. See what goes on behind laboratory doors, experience a day on campus and speak to undergraduates who can share their personal experiences.