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STEM Clubs

STEM clubs

STEM Clubs are a fun, rewarding way to boost enjoyment and learning across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics outside of the classroom. As you can see from the image above, being involved in a STEM has lead some students to gaining a national award (see our case studies below for more information).

If you are looking for guidance on setting up a club or developing an established one, we can help you!

We offer free, impartial advice on activities, resources, support and funding opportunities and advise you on how to develop projects into CREST Awards.

What is a STEM Club?

STEM Clubs give you the opportunity to do something different from your normal classroom activities - they are not restricted by the curriculum, nor should they be confused with homework clubs.

Clubs can come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be cross-curricular or focus on a single subject within STEM.  They can be aligned to national programmes and competitions, or completely individual.  They can be all-inclusive or focus on specific groups of students.  The format of your club depends entirely on what suits the needs of you, your school and your students.

A successful STEM club can bring benefits to students, club leaders and the whole school.

Benefits to students

  • Increased enthusiasm for STEM subjects and an enriched learning experience.
  • Improved practical skills.
  • Increased teamwork and presentation skills.
  • A wider understanding of real-world STEM applications and careers options.

Benefits to club leaders

  • A chance to enhance the curriculum and work with students in different ways.
  • Engage students across the range of academic ability.
  • Trial new activities that can be incorporated into classroom lessons.
  • Broaden your own knowledge of STEM applications and careers options.
  • Enjoy yourself!

Benefits to the whole school

  • Improved profile of STEM-related subjects within the school.
  • Improved levels of student engagement and attainment.
  • Enhanced reputation with parents, governors, neighbouring schools and feeder primaries.
  • Links developed with local businesses.

For more information on how we can help you, email: stemsussex@brighton.ac.uk

Case Study - Hove Park School & Sixth Form

Find out how an Engineering and Technology Ambassador helped with STEM clubs, competitions and events.


Case Study - Oakmeeds Community College

Find out how an Ambassador used their Engineering background to help with a Maths Club.


Case Study - Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

Find out how STEM Clubs at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) won the STEMNET STEM Club Award in October 2015.


Request a STEM Ambassador

Looking for ideas, help and support to run a STEM Club? Why not request a STEM Ambassador. Volunteers from industry with a passion for inspiring the next generation.