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Nuffield Research Placements

What are Nuffield Research Placements?

Nuffield Research offer over 1,000 funded placements a year to sixth-form students who want an insight into scientific R & D, including areas of technology, engineering and maths, giving them the chance to work alongside STEM professionals.

It’s a national scheme, but STEM Sussex are the regional coordinators.

Who can be a project provider?

Anyone working in a STEM role can offer a 4-6 week research or development project during the school summer holidays to a student who has just completed their first year in the sixth form.

How much does it cost?

Nothing – there is no upfront cost to project providers and all that’s required is your staff’s time to supervise the student. Student’s travel costs are covered and there is a bursary for those from low-income backgrounds.

What are the benefits?

  • Your organisation’s future – placements have a lasting impact on students’ education and career choices.
  • Teaching and mentoring skills – staff looking for management experience, as well as PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, find placements particularly useful.
  • Potential contributions to published papers and/or grant applications.
  • Pilot or side projects staff normally struggle to find time for.
  • Public engagement and corporate social responsibility.

Nuffield students need supervision and guidance, but they can make a significant contribution. They work to a high standard – on pilot projects, on projects that have been shelved through lack of time or as part of a larger project. They may be office, lab or field based, purely academic or in a development area such as engineering.

How do I get involved?

If you'd like to find out more or register interest, please email nuffield@brighton.ac.uk

Click on the links for a poster or a leaflet

Case Studies

Bhavik Patel, University of Brighton

​”The main benefits for me are to get students who are inspired to take up STEM at university to work on science that excites them. This only serves to inspire me more”


Lee Lindfield, Deltex Medical

“Based on the results of the projects, we have made decisions to change the way the company works”


Dr Nicola Yuill, University of Sussex

“Nuffield students are a very useful outlet for explaining our research to a wider audience, as they’re very able but not highly knowledgeable in our specific field.”


Catherine Harris, National Oceanography Centre

​“Hosting Nuffield students was a very beneficial experience as the projects gave us the opportunity to investigate interesting ideas that we would not otherwise have had time to follow up.”


Naomi Osborne, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“students’ work has produced some very valuable results that will benefit our current product development projects.”


Kerry Perkins, Sea Life Centre Brighton

“We have been able to get answers to questions which we might not have otherwise discovered, highlighting the fact that Sea Life Centres carry out genuine scientific research. As the students’ supervisor, my time management and communication skills have also improved.”