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Enrichment Activities

Our exciting STEM activities are designed to increase motivation, student self-confidence and raises awareness of their potential as scientists, engineers and technologists.

We can also offer bespoke activities on request.

CREST Discovery

CREST Discovery is an opportunity for pupils to gain a British Science Association CREST Award in a one day guided activity.

Most of our activities can extended to a full day event and accredited for the award. Click ‘more’ for further information about CREST Discovery or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Antweight Robot Wars

Students engage with design, technology and science in an exciting and hands-on way by building small remote-controlled robots and taking part in challenges.

KS 2/3 | Mathematics


IET / IMechE Wearable Technology

​Understand how the world of technology and electronics are impacting on clothing both currently and in the future.

KS2/3 Science, Design and Technology


UFO Egg Challenge

Students must help save an alien species from extinction by designing and building a craft.

KS2/KS3 | Design & Technology, Engineering


Fun Maths Roadshow

Curriculum-related logical challenges, problems and puzzles are
used to develop students’ mathematical awareness in an hour of engaging activities.

KS 2/3 | Mathematics


Rocket Car challenge

Design and build a balloon powered car and see how far it will travel!

KS2/3 | Science, Engineering


Spark it Up: Electricity and Magnetism

This activity promotes enthusiasm, interest and awe in science,
further developing understanding of the key concepts of electricity and magnetism in an hour of inspiring demonstrations.

KS 3 | Science


IET Energy Watch

IET Energy Watch encourages young people to contemplate the demand for constant energy generation, and the consequential impact this has on the planet. Students will discover the vital role that engineers play in providing sustainable energy. Experience will be gained in solving real world energy problems.

KS 3/4 | Science, Engineering


Rapid Response Engineering Challenge

A one-day problem-solving activity based on the needs of an area
after a natural disaster, which emphasises the key concepts of civil engineering in providing the essentials for survival.

KS 3/4 | Engineering


IET Advanced Sports Imaging

How can sports performance be improved through the use of
technology and maths? Students analyse motion, speed, impact and energy transfer using an infra-red high-speed digital camera.

KS 4 | Technology, Mathematics


The Bradford Business Game

The Bradford Business Game is a simulation activity with the
opportunity to develop entrepreneurial, mathematical and problem solving skills by understanding how a manufacturing company works.

KS 4/5 | Mathematics, Business