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Enrichment Activities

The use of outside experts, creative time-management and rich resources can greatly enhance pupils' learning experience. Our STEM activities enable pupils to explore and understand concepts whilst developing their personal learning and thinking skills.

The varied Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 activities are matched to learning needs and make connections between the STEM National Curriculum and other subjects, creating a cross-curricular dimension. Inclusion of Key Stage 3 activities challenge the more able pupils and introduce them to secondary level concepts, improving the transition between primary and secondary school.

The activities are designed to increase motivation, pupil self-confidence and raises awareness of their potential as scientists, engineers and technologists. Some of the activities lend themselves to a pic ‘n' mix activity day to suit your school's requirements.

Antweight Challenge

Pupils engage with design, technology and science in an exciting and hands-on way by building small remote-controlled robots and taking part in challenges.

KS 2/3 | Design & Technology, Engineering


UFO Egg Challenge

Students must help save an alien species from extinction by designing and building a craft.

KS2/KS3 | Design & Technology, Engineering


Fun Maths Roadshow

Curriculum-related logical challenges, problems and puzzles are used to develop pupils’ mathematical awareness in an hour of engaging activities.

KS 1/2/3 | Mathematics


Control Technology

Develop ICT skills using computer control technology in a scenario that allows pupils to control a traffic lights and a barrier system to allow vehicles to enter a car park.

KS 2 | Technology, Engineering


Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Explore the compression of solids, liquids and gasses. Make a pneumatic monster, design and build a pneumatic boat or car and make a water rocket fly.

KS 1/2 | Science, Engineering


Simple Machines

Investigate levers and pulleys and create and combine six simple machines to solve a problem.

KS 1/2 | Engineering


Junior Bradford Business Game

The Junior Bradford Business Game is a simulation activity which provides pupils the opportunity to learn how to run their own mini paper business!

KS 2/3 | Mathematics, Business