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Why Support STEM Education?

Would you like your company to play a role in increasing young people’s interest and aspiration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers?

Can the skills and experience of your organisation help you to avoid a potential skills gap in your future workforce?

Are you looking for extra development opportunities for your employees?

Would you like to strengthen your organisation's reputation and give something back to your local community?

Working with schools and young people in your area offers so many benefits and advantages to both your employees and your organisation - but first and foremost you are helping to broaden the outlook of young people to better understand the vast and diverse range of opportunities available to them should they choose to follow a STEM related career.

Eve Maywood from Thales UK explains why they get inovled with STEM outreach:

STEM Sussex coordinate a number of projects which your company could get involved in, ranging from single student mentoring with no/little cost through to large-scale sponsorship. If you'd like to have a chat about how we can help you develop your outreach, please call 01273 644178 or email stemsussex@brighton.ac.uk

How to get involved

From STEMfest events and information, to the Nuffield Research Placement Scheme. Ther are lots of ways to get involved!


Case Studies

Wondering how other employers have got on? Take a look through our range of case studies.