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Engineering Education Scheme - Employers

Engineering Education Scheme

​The Engineering Education Scheme in England & Scotland is an EDT Programme which links teams of talented and motivated Year 12 (age 16/17) students and their teacher with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems. The scheme runs from October to April each year. 

The scheme provides students with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology that will enable them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career.
What's in it for you?
Simply put, working with young people on the EES makes a huge difference to you and your business.
Here are the benefits:
  • Cost effective project solutions - By collaborating with students on your business projects, you are unlocking the potential to make financial savings from successful projects. EDT reported that 70% of the teams taking part in the scheme reported actual or potential financial benefit to the link company.
  • A fresh perspective - The students bring not only enthusiasm, but also a fresh perspective. Employers often feedback that students tackle problems objetively, without the 'baggage' of seasoned employees such as the limits of perceived budgetry constraints. 
  • An opportunity for high quality professional development for your engineers and scientists - The time dedicated to the scheme may well involve research and skill development in order to support the students. The work completed on the EES can also be used towards a chartership. It also goes without saying that the EES is a platform which enables you or your colleagues to develop mentoring and communication skills. In all, all participants are learning and developing. 
  • An opportunity to address recruitment issues - One way of tackling recruitment difficulties is to provide outreach. Through the Engineering Education Scheme (EES), your company has the opportunity to develop key skills directly in schools, helping develop a future talent pool. 

​A representative from Thales explained his motivation for taking on an EES team.

"EES provides multiple benefits to an engineering company like mine. As well as exposing my company to scores of prospective future engineers, the projects undertaken by the students are specific to each company. This means 4 – 6 ‘free’ resources over a six-month period that can target a problem that budgets may not have accounted for.

 In return, the students obtain real-world insight into the engineering profession, develop strong links with individuals who have succeeded in the field and gather understanding as to how their academic modules can be applied. 

For a professional, this is a very rewarding experience as you get to witness the “eureka” moment when a student is enthused and inspired by engineering. For young engineers hoping to become chartered, this scheme will develop various competencies recognised by accredited institutions. Budgets don’t have to be large."  Abiola Onike, Thales

To find out more, or get involved with the Engineering Education Scheme, please email us stemsussex@brighton.ac.uk.


Case Studies

Gatwick Airport

Students at a Sussex school had a unique opportunity to examine and understand the technology behind the transit system that links Gatwick Airport’s North and South Terminals.


GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK)

GSK is science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative products in the pharmaceuticals industry.


L-3 Link Simulation and Training

A leading systems integrator that supplies advanced simulation systems, training services and aircraft contractor logistics support.



Photek is a specialist manufacturer and global supplier of vacuum based tubes and camera systems for photon detection. It supports the Engineering Education Scheme. Read about their EES experience.