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Buzz Club

Where: University of Sussex
When:  Thursday 21st September 2017, 4:10 pm
Key Stage: KS1 / KS2
Area: Science

The Buzz Club are investigating semi-aquatic hoverflies and their use of homemade, artificial rot holes in gardens or outdoor areas, so called Hoverfly Lagoons. They're asking schools to set up lagoons on their school grounds now, and start monitoring them once a month from May until September next year.

The hope is to educate children about hoverflies as important pollinators, that part of their life cycle depends on these ‘rot holes’, and to create some important habitats to support them while collecting data on lagoon design.

If your school is in East Sussex, their resident lagoon expert, Dr Ellie Rotheray is available to visit and introduce the children to hoverfly larvae and help them create their lagoons.

Lagoons are made from empty milk bottles, the project doesn’t cost anything, and it’s very easy to take part.

Please see http://thebuzzclub.uk/Hoverfly_Lagoons.php for more information about the project.

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